Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Its a Holiday, Holiday

December 24th, 1945...

It's just you and I on this silent night
We're together again; we survived the plight
There are gifts under the tree and a crackling fire
You made a wonderful dinner, a big holiday feast
The war is over; thank God we have peace
We had been brought together by fate
Then separated by a world filled with hate
The dark days of battle were scary and gray
But the dark days are passed on this Christmas holiday

I remembered you always through my fear and frustration
You were my inspiration in a war torn situation
All around me were the sounds of gunfire and shelling
I had no way of telling, if I'd ever see you again
The air smelled of death and the blood poured like rain
It was a contest and a conquest with nothing to gain
Thank God the war is over; I'm away from the pain
It's time to give thanks and pray
It's a holiday, holiday

I remember my first battle, when I shot a man face to face
All that shooting and killing, God what a waste
Maybe he had a wife like mine, who loved him the same way
Now they'll never be together for a Christmas holiday
Someday soon we'll have a son and a daughter
I hope by then I'll be over the slaughter
We'll be a family, and we'll be together
For those days and more, let us earnestly pray
And thank God on this Christmas holiday

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